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What Is Masmoola Kidpreneurs?

Masmoola Kidpreneurs creates a brighter future for entrepreneurial-minded children and their parents by offering a free, step-by-step guided, real world business education and directory listing for our registered kidpreneurs operating the Masmoola Coupon Codes new age digital lemonade stand.

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Guaranteed Win-Win For Adults And Our Kidpreneurs!

Masmoola Kidpreneurs creates a guaranteed financial win-win for adults and our registered kidpreneurs when adults invest in Masmoola Coupon Codes after clicking on one of our Kidpreneur’s unique affiliate URL tracking links because all Masmoola Coupon Codes associated digital programs offer adults a guaranteed, greater financial return than the Masmoola Coupon Code investment, and Masmoola Kidpreneurs earn money when adults invest in Masmoola Coupon Codes.

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Importance Of Helping A Masmoola Kidpreneur

Investing in Masmoola Coupon Codes will help one of our registered Masmoola Kidpreneurs learn about entrepreneurship while they earn money in a real world business environment, and will also give them an opportunity to experience the following benefits:

  • Increases self-esteem.
  • Teaches financial management and responsibility.
  • Builds self-confidence and leadership skills.
  • Gives children motivation and self-worth.
  • Helps children acquire basic economic understanding.
  • Decreases substance abuse and other at-risk behaviors.
  • Develops literacy and increased interest in attending college.

Motivated, business-minded children of all ages earn money in a safer environment while gaining a free entrepreneurial education, and adults benefit financially from the digital programs our registered Masmoola Kidpreneurs offer in order to earn money.

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Select Only One Of Two Options To Help A Kidpreneur

Option 1 – You Were Introduced

If, within the last hour, you clicked on a URL link you received in an email message from a young entrepreneur, or clicked on a URL link found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, a blog or website that directed you to the Masmoola Coupon Codes website, it was because a Masmoola Kidpreneur already set up that unique URL link in one of those places, and you are now ready to invest in one or more of the listed Masmoola Coupon Codes to help a Masmoola Kidpreneur earn money.

Or Option 2 – Not Introduced

If you made it to this Masmoola Kidpreneurs website, or to the Masmoola Coupon Codes website directly from Google, Yahoo or any other search engine keyword search without being introduced through any of the avenues mentioned in “Option 1” above, you will need to search through our directory listings of registered Masmoola kidpreneurs to find a young entrepreneur you want to help earn money. Once you find a Masmoola Kidpreneur you want to help earn money, you will click on that kidpreneur’s “My Masmoola Kidpreneur Link” in their public profile listing.

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The Power Of The Internet

Each registered Masmoola Kidpreneur, listed on our directory, has their own unique affiliate URL tracking link assigned to their “My Masmoola Kidpreneur Link” text link in their profile listing, and when you click on a Masmoola Kidpreneur’s tracking link and invest in one or more Masmoola Coupon Codes, a percentage of your Masmoola Coupon Codes investment is instantly credited to the Masmoola Kidpreneur you selected. That Masmoola Kidpreneur will also receive an email notice of their earned commission right after you invest in one or more Masmoola Coupon Codes.

Your small investment in one or more listed Masmoola Coupon Codes could potentially inspire the next Mark Cuban.

Make a Masmoola Kidpreneur’s day today by investing in Masmoola Coupon Codes, and reap the guaranteed financial benefits of the digital program(s) you choose!

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Registered Kidpreneurs Can Build A Real Business

The Masmoola Kidpreneurs program combined with Masmoola Coupon Codes offers motivated entrepreneurial minded children a real-world business environment which gives them the ability and opportunity to build/grow their own business because this program is set up exactly the same as a standard business model where a company earns more revenue by hiring one or more employees.

How It Works

When registered Masmoola Kidpreneurs introduce other young entrepreneurs to this program, who then also register to become Masmoola Kidpreneurs, they are basically adding employees to their business, and they will earn additional money every time those newly introduced and registered Masmoola Kidpreneurs earn money from this program.

A Registered Masmoola Kidpreneur will earn 40% commissions directly from their own marketing efforts, and that same registered Masmoola Kidpreneur will also earn an additional 20% commission from the marketing efforts of any registered Masmoola Kidpreneurs who sign up after clicking on their unique URL tracking link.

In other words, a registered Masmoola Kidpreneur can introduce as many young entrepreneurs to this program as he/she wants, and if everyone he/she introduces signs up, he/she will earn 20% commissions from everyone of those newly registered Masmoola Kidpreneur’s marketing efforts.

This two-tier structure creates a real world business model/environment where business owners (Masmoola Kidpreneurs) can earn more money by having the opportunity to add one or more employees. Some people say this is multi level marketing, but if any business in the world can hire employees and earn more revenue from their employees, that would mean all businesses in the world are operating as multi level marketers, but as we all know, that’s not the case. Multi level marketing structures are made up of five and six tier payment structures. Masmoola Kidpreneurs offers only the two-tier commission payment structure in order to create a real world business environment for educational purpose.

Every Masmoola Kidpreneur Has The Same Opportunity

Each newly registered Masmoola Kidpreneur has the same opportunity to build/grow their own business to earn the added 20% commissions from each young entrepreneur they introduce to the program.

The Educational Aspect

Each registered Masmoola Kidpreneur will be obtaining a real world business and marketing education as they go through the setup and marketing process, and all for free.

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Learn How To Register

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